Rallying community voices empowers people throughout our islands. When people feel that their opinions matter and are taken into account, they are more likely to actively participate in civic life, contributing to a sense of ownership in governance in the society they live. Community voices contribute to our social capital, and enhance our ability to address challenges, share resources, and support one another.

Community Needs Surveys

Community Needs Surveys are critical to what we do. Gathering information about the needs, preferences, and priorities of our community, helps us to develop Hawaii’s State Plan for Independent Living.

Our surveys also give way to advocacy. The data collected is used to support funding applications, demonstrate community needs to external stakeholders, and advocate for policy changes.

Online Survey

Available 24/7, we aim to reach a wide group of people on topics important to them.

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Scheduled Online Interviews

If you would prefer to communicate your needs, preferences and priorities for our community over the phone, or through Zoom, we are available to meet with you.

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State Plan Public Forum

With the development of our 2024-2027 State Plan for Independent Living, we will be hosting public forums in each county, and the SPIL will be open for for public comment.

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