A social movement is only as strong as the people serving it, having a combination of passion and community engagement. We strongly believe in the Independent Living Movement and that people with disabilities should live lives that are rewarding in all they do. If you believe the same way, we invite you to share your diverse perspective!

Volunteer With Us

Volunteering is a core tenet to what we do. When people come together to work towards a common goal, it builds a sense of solidarity and shared purpose. Further, it provides people with opportunities for personal growth and development, developing new skills, gaining valuable experiences, and broadening their perspectives.

Meetings and Events

Regularly scheduled board meetings provide a space for dialogue and a chance to hash out issues together. It also promotes transparency through the sharing of information and updates on what we do.

Share Your Voice

Community voice ensures that people with disabilities have a say in decision-making processes. The community voice is instrumental in identifying unique and context-specific solutions to local issues. Local residents, through the use of surveys, often possess valuable insights into the needs and priorities of their community, contributing to the development of effective and relevant solutions.

Serve on the Council

To serve on our council, members function as partners with the Centers for Independent Living to ensure the existence of appropriate planning and coordination of resources to meet the independent living needs of people with disabilities locally. Further, members’ terms are three years, and they may not serve more than two full terms consecutively.