We partner with the Centers for Independent Living and The Hawaii Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to empower people with disabilities in our state. These are fantastic organizations with the mission of steering people with disabilities in the right direction with where they want to go in life.  They work to give people with disabilities the supports, tools, and resources to harness their full potential and succeed in our state.

Request for Service Phone: (808) 339-7297

Website https://AlohaILHawaii.org/

Phone: (808) 369-9521

Website AccessToIndependence.org

Core Services of the Centers

Five core services empower people with disabilities with the resources they need to become successful in society, regardless of what stage they are at in life.

Independent Living Skills Training

Skills Training involves one-on-one support provided by an experienced skill trainer, enhancing their independent living skills. This may include training in areas such as personal care, household management, obtaining and holding a suitable job, budgeting, and transportation.

Information & Referral

Services to provide brief oral or written information to the public, in person, by mail, email or by telephone. Information about available resources, services, and programs is provided for people with disabilities, helping them navigate through various options and connect with appropriate community resources.

Peer Counseling & Peer Support

Peer counseling involves one-on-one support provided by individuals with similar life experiences and challenges. It helps people with disabilities to share their experiences, receive guidance, and build a sense of community establishing their identify in life.

Systems & Individual Advocacy

Centers engage in advocacy efforts to promote the rights of people with disabilities both at the individual and structural levels. This may involve assisting individuals in advocating for their rights at school or work and working on broader policy issues that affect the disability community in all levels of government.


Transition of Youth

Supports offered to young people with disabilities as they try to navigate adulthood, more particularly towards job seeking or gaining a quality education. Centers provide a helping hand in terms of where they want to pursue in life. Further, the youth transition is critical to steer young people with disabilities in productive citizens in society.

Institutional Transition & Diversion

Transition and Diversion services aim to divert at-risk individuals away from unnecessary institutionalization in our community. Instead of entering or remaining in institutional settings, individuals are provided with the support they need to live on their own independently. Further, this service gives them guidance to use proper resources, to their advantage, maintaining or regaining their independence within our local community.