We are a nonprofit, non-governmental, consumer-controlled organization that works with the state to advocate for independent living philosophy for everyone, especially people with disabilities. Together with the Centers for Independent Living, the Hawaii Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and consumers in the state, we adapt and continuously improve our State Plan.


To promote Independent Living and the integration of persons with disabilities into the community and to aid individuals in achieving their goals and basic human rights.

Roles and Responsibilities

We avidly work towards the advancement of people with disabilities in our community, and we thrive on putting ideas into motion in all levels of government, ensuring that people with disabilities can live their lives with dignity.

  • Chairperson – to preside over meetings, making sure members understand the proceedings and that rules are followed
  • Vice-Chairperson – act as a substitute to the Chairperson when they’re present and readily serve
  • Secretary – to record all the proceedings and to maintain records/documents
  • Treasurer – to maintain custody of the funds and to provide full financial reports
  • Member – to prepare for and attend meetings, participate in meetings, ask questions, serve on committees and assist with the work of the Council

Apply to Serve

We want to hear from you! If you are a person living with a disability or a parent of a child with a disability, your voice matters and is wanted. Please contact us for more information!

Council Members

Our council members are appointed by the Governor, and the majority are persons with disabilities.

  • Judy Guajardo – Chair
  • Roxanne Bolden – Vice Chair
  • Linda Lambrecht – Secretary
  • Brian Hauser
  • Philip Ana
  • Catia Garell
  • Patrick Gartside
  • Sam Nagasawa

Designated State Agency

Hawaii Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is our Designated State Agency, and holds a seat on our board.

  • Cheryl Matthews